What exactly are sausage eggs? Well, we are not quite sure, but Brazilian McDonald's defines a "sausage egg muffin" as a "delicious combination of fuffy muffin-like bread, eggs, sausage and cheese". This might assume that sausage eggs are a mixture of sausages with eggs. It is also Leopld's favorite food. He LOVES sausage eggs and goes crazy when his relatives decide to make some.

Leopold and sausage eggsEdit

So, what do sausage eggs have to do with Leopold? Well, when you play the famous video backwards, you can hear him say "sausage eggs" (he even sings it!) This started the rumor - and mini-meme - that Leopold's addicted to sausage eggs.


Angry German Kid Reversed With Fake Subtitles

Angry German Kid Reversed With Fake Subtitles

Don't believe us? Check this out: Skip to the end and Leopold will say "sausage eggs" quite some times. In fact, you do not even need to play it - There's "sausage egg" in the thumbnail.

Skip to 2:54 and you will hear "Hey, sausage egg..." Also, at 3:35 when Leopold in the original sings "Lets get lost, lets get lost, Let's get loooooooooooosssssssssssst, Let's get lost, Let's get lost..", now he sings "Sausage eggs, sausage eggs, sauuuuuuuuusage eggs, sausage eggs, sausage eggs!"

A big thanks to Jeeves476 for subtitling the video, because interpreting reversed speech is nearly impossible.