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Leopold in MrMouser's Angry German Kid Series.

Leopold Andreas Slikk (Chinese: 鍵盤粉碎機), (Cantonese: Gin Pun Fan Seui Gei); (Japanese: キーボードクラッシャー, Kībōdo Kurasshā); (Korean: 키보드 굉장한; Kibodeu Goengjanghan) is the main protagonist of the Angry German Kid series. He is mostly known as the Angry German Kid, Keyboard Crusher, Born in Germany, or because of a YouTube video he made. He is 15 (16 in Brian Chiem's series) years old. In some parody series, he is a victim of child abuse, Tom Chang and other trolls.

What He DoesEdit

Likes to eat keyboards (and SAAAAAAAAAAAAUSAGE EGGS!) and smash them because he is a nerd like Howard Westrum.


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Angry German Kid without subtitles04:23

Angry German Kid without subtitles


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