A Backpack (also called RucksackKnapsackPacksackPack) is, in its simplest form, a cloth sack carried on one's back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders, but there can be exceptions. Lightweight types of backpacks are sometimes worn on only one shoulder strap. In some AGK Parodies, Leopold Slikk, and other characters are shown to wear backpacks. It is most often used as a receptacle to hold items, although in some parodies, it is just for decoration.


  • In CDiFan237's Angry German Kid Series, Leopold is shown to have a basic, black backpack.
  • In TheDrapocalypse's AGK Series, Leopold is shown to wear a green backpack, and usually has it with him whenever he is away from home. Demon AGK, the evil side of Leopold, is shown to have a pale pink backpack.
  • First added in Angry German Kid RPG v1.7.1.